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Post-Translational Modifications (POTAMOS) Mass Spectrometry Calculator is a free web application that simplifies mass spectrometry calculations for post-translationally modified proteins. It consists of three interacting parts:

For more details on each part, please refer to the Manual.

An example of the usage of POTAMOS:
Calculation of mass and charge of a modified oligopeptidic sequence of an H3 histone protein (left). The respective structure (right) was produced by VMD and it is based on the PDB structure of HP1 bound to H3 histone (code: 1KNE). Only the H3 oligopeptide is shown.

This application was developed by A. Vlachopanos (T.E.I. of Epirus).
Contact: Dr. G. Papamokos [gpapamokos_at_seas.harvard.edu], A. Vlachopanos [avlachopanos_at_gmail.com] .
Research team: A. Vlachopanos, T.E.I. of Epirus, Dr A. Soupsana, School of Medicine - University of Ioannina, IMBB-FORTH, As.Prof. A. Politou, School of Medicine - University of Ioannina, IMBB-FORTH, Dr. G. Papamokos (P.I.), Associated Researcher at Department of Physics - Harvard University, School of Medicine - University of Ioannina, IMBB-FORTH, T.E.I. of Epirus.
POTAMOS is free to use but please include citation to any published work containing results using this application.
POTAMOS is hosted on the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences cloud infrastructure.
How to cite: A. Vlachopanos, E. Soupsana, A.S. Politou, G.V. Papamokos, POTAMOS mass spectrometry calculator: Computer aided mass spectrometry to the post-translational modifications of proteins. A focus on histones., Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 55, Pages 36–41, December 1, 2014
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.compbiomed.2014.10.002